what is it?

Our 10 day intensive is for those who are interested in starting a home based church or have recently done so. We believe that church can be very simple, not requiring the programming, money, staffing, formal education, and buildings that we've often assumed. Here in San Francisco (and around the world) we are seeing normal lovers of Jesus, with no ministry degrees or formal ministry training, planting and leading churches. Our hope is to help train these types of people to plant churches by walking through what would be necessary Biblically and painting a vision for what it could look like.  Each ten day group will live out the vision of the church together during their time by living in community, loving each other deeply, developing strategies for evangelism together, studying the Bible as a body, and praying together regularly. Attendees will also join with one of our local family churches during their time to observe how they function as well as receive daily teaching from an elder or pastor with We Are Church

who can come?

Anyone who feels led to pursue starting simple, home based churches can apply for this session.  Although there are no specific age restrictions, the 10 day program is geared towards a younger group in their 20’s and 30’s who don’t have as much leadership experience.  It does not require applicants to hold a position in a church, but is designed for those who are looking to take what is learned here and apply it in the near future in the context of church leadership.

the experience

This session will be very heavy on discussion with one or two of our elders.  Topics include the importance of godly character in leadership, the difference between commands from God and man made traditions, the importance of our love for one another, the cost of discipleship fleshed out in the local church, the power of everyone using their gifts in the body, as well as a look into the vision and practices of We Are Church. 

This session will be focused on living out the values that are discussed.  Rather than just talking about the importance of loving each other, we desire to have each group experience depth of love for each other in order to show what is possible and how it can be pursued in the context of the local church.  Our hope is to talk through practically how one might go about planting a church and walk through that process together.


Cost: $750 (includes housing)

* $550 for students, missionaries, and married couples

We don't want money to be a barrier for anyone coming to the Church Intensive. If you are unable to raise the funds you can apply for a scholarship towards the program fee by filling out this applicationPlease ensure you have completed the program application before applying for a scholarship.

upcoming dates

October 23-November 1

November 6-15

November 27-December 6

December 11-20




Are you wondering about the schedule? Other questions? See if they are answered here on our FAQ page


* Based on our best attempt to understand Scripture, we believe that the responsibility of teaching men and having spiritual authority over men is specifically for men only (1 Timothy 2). Because of this, all of our elders and pastors at We Are Church are men. We know that many of our brothers and sisters in the Lord do not have the same interpretation of Scripture as we do, so we want to be clear ahead of time where we land on this issue. It will not be a focus in our teaching during the Intensive, but it does sometimes come up during discussions. With that said, we accept both men and women into our Church Intensives.