what is it?

Our 1-day intensive is for those currently in leadership positions with a church as well as those who are preparing to plant a church soon. The purpose is to help those leaders think through church Biblically, and think through what changes might be necessary in their leadership. We will talk through the Biblical vision of church as well as structural decisions and methodology that We Are Church has implemented. This will be a more condensed version of our usual 4-day intensive. We will cover the content more quickly and with less discussion, but still hope to go through the majority of the same material. We also hope to connect people with similar hearts and visions to live out what we’ll be talking about and/or to come alongside each other in planting house churches (or maybe even do it together).

Topics will include the importance of godly character in leadership, the difference between commands from God and man made traditions, the importance of our love for one another, the cost of discipleship fleshed out in the local church, the power of everyone using their gifts in the body, as well as a look into the vision and practices of We Are Church. These topics are discussed in a small group format led by a WAC elder or pastor.

One of our primary goals for these Intensives is that it would enable people in the same area to connect on a similar vision for the church. Because of this, we are only accepting people who are within a 4 hour distance of the Intensive location for that specific one. Our hope is to keep doing more 1 day Intensives in different locations going forward.


Cost: $55 (lunch included)

upcoming dates and locations

Oct. 18 | Phoenix,AZ area

Nov. 7 | Denver,CO area

Nov. 22 | Anchorage, AK area

Dec. 5 | Columbus, OH area

Jan. 24 | Nashville, TN area



* Based on our best attempt to understand Scripture, we believe that the responsibility of teaching men and having spiritual authority over men is specifically for men only (1 Timothy 2). Because of this, all of our elders and pastors at We Are Church are men. We know that many of our brothers and sisters in the Lord do not have the same interpretation of Scripture as we do, so we want to be clear ahead of time where we land on this issue. It will not be a focus in our teaching during the Intensive, but it does sometimes come up during discussions. With that said, we accept both men and women into our Church Intensives.