Church Intensive



a note from francis

Haven't you always been a bit confused about Church?  You read about the unstoppable power, miraculous love, and outrageous sacrifice of the first church.  Then you wonder if it is even possible for the church today.  

We believe it is not only possible, but it is promised and commanded.  And we want to invite you to dream with us and hopefully reignite your hope for the church.  Join us to take a fresh look at the Scriptures, and experience how we pursue these biblical ideals for church in San Francisco.

Our church is far from perfect, but we are beginning to experience some of the blessings promised in Scripture.  Our hope is to encourage you along your journey.  Through our Church Intensive, you can engage in classes taught by pastors of We Are Church, participate in our house church gatherings, hit the streets with us to reach out to the community, and refocus in prayer both personally and together.


what is church intensive?

The Church Intensive is a training for pastors and future pastors to study ecclesiology alongside of We Are Church, the church planting network started by Francis Chan in 2013.

Our intensive is for those currently in leadership positions with a church as well as those who are preparing to plant a church soon.  The purpose is to help those leaders think through church Biblically, be exposed to our approach here in in the San Francisco Bay Area, and think through what changes might be necessary in their leadership. All day Sunday will be spent joining with one of our family churches. Monday through Wednesday some of our elders and pastors will lead discussion-based training. Our goal is to intentionally limit each group to a size that is conducive to dialogue and relationship building. We will talk through the Biblical vision of church as well as structural decisions and methodology that We Are Church has implemented.

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Are you wondering about the schedule? Other questions? See if they are answered here on our FAQ page.